Specialty Limo Rentals
A web site dedicated to specialty limo info for
  Winchester, VA

If you are looking for a specialty limo to rent in the Winchester, Virginia area we can help.  We specialize in unusual rentals and making your next trip or event special.
Trolley Rental
driver included

Trolley Inside
Candy Hill Campground Trolley (540) 662-8010
Serving the winchester area since 1984

Golf Cart Rentals
driver(s) optional
Golf Carts with Drivers
Contact Candy Hill Campground (540) 662-8010
Many people rent golf carts for weddings, special events, shuttle services, tours, company events and much more.  We can get you as many as you want with or without drivers. 
Why do I need a driver?
Why tie up a member of the family when you can have a professional driver treat your guests, employees or friends like royalty!

5 rental vehicles

Professional capabilities can include:

radio comunication between operators
on site managers
greeters and aditional organizers
refreshment areas

For more info, just call (540) 662-8010